Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

It is Christmas time,

My first white Christmas..

Get to spend it with Sam, miss the family alot.

Amazing love how can it be,that you my king would die for me?
Love You

Watch over me and this world. Let them know the true meaning of Christmas..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blessed birthday My Love

Happy birthday Sam,
I love YOU..
<3 sorry i cant be there
Many more years will come...
God bless

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HI 2010

It has been a while since i last wrote..

i feel like writting now..

I am back..

These 9months of absence changed my life.

Alot of decisions made..

Choices made..

I am sticking with it..


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The year of 2009

So the year 2009 is coming to an end
so how did my year go?
Well,all I can say is that a lot of things happen this year
there are too many unexpected things or maybe I see it coming but just din take action to bother it
the year 2009 is really a year of transition for me
why is that so?
1. First time leaving family behind and study abroad.those physical,mental n spiritual challenge that I have to face,but I am glad that it's gettin better now.
2. Learnt to live with others and the skills to communicate with others. I may fail a couple of times along the way,but I am going to and getting better..
3. The huge difference of trust and faith. Experience great abundance of faith by the lord
4. My first 4.0 in my college life. Honestly,I couldn't have done it with the people around me,my family support and most importantly the grace of god
5. I learnt how to tolerate u and accept things
6. Haha,first time planning a trip!!
7. I must admit this,making decision especially big ones is really s tough one for me,but so far so good? I dunno
8. One of the most important lesson I must say,to be honest with the people u care about,although the outcome may not be of liking but at least honesty is there. It is ok sometimes to let ppl see the weaker side of me, and not brag along with egoness and self centeredness. I paid the price by not doing earlier, oh well, the past is to be put to rest
9. Regret is remorseful,but to learn from It is a gold. I did things that I regretted. It is too late to change things now. All I can do is let time heal the wounds n hurts..I guess it is part of growing up
10.let go of people that once are important in my life and accept this true fact!! People come and people go,do not place so
much hope or rely on people so much. The friend u know today may turn to be a beast is hard for me to do it at times, because thinking of it at times hurt me.. Life~~~ a smile is all I comfort myself
11.the future is within my grasp,soar like an eagle under Your me won't You?
12.expect the unexpected,steady and face it..
13.I got stranded in airport for the first time in my life..flight was canceled due to snow storm in Oklahoma.
14.God let challenges and troubles come to me for me to if He allows them to come to
me,do not whine and have faith

lastly,happy birthday zhiyu!!! Miss u bro

I am updating this with my phone,forgive me if there are many typing errors and stuffs

next year will be a good one

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas season is coming~!!

Semester 1 is almost coming to an end..

tomorrow is my last paper. statistic. i know i am suppose to be mugging hard, but for some obvious reasons... I AM LAZY!!

i am exactly 4 months away from home
time passes real quickly, without me realizing. it is Christmas season..this christmas i have plenty to be thankful for..

first of all, i am thankful for the chance to study abroad. to get a first hand experience of cooking, managing my own life, studies etc etc.. i am better in cooking, mixing with people, managing my time?(although i am still late for class almost all the time) haha...

i am thankful for all that i have been through... those tears,sorrow, joy and pain..each and everyone of them..all these happened because they were allowed to happen to bear my own consequences and learn to take responsibility of my actions.. it is still hard to at times, but i am getting better...look at them as a hurdle that i need to jump across to be better...hopefully time will heal my darkened past. None the less, the future is within my control. *excited*

to the people of OSU...yes, each of u played a part in my tiny bit of growing up.. there are too many names to be mentioned..u know who u are... thank you for teaching me and guiding me..
to tittater and babater, GO TIBATER GO!! hahahha..... album soon..

to my family members, a huge huge huge huge thank you for all the support and love u all have showered... still remember, when i got back my thermo exam 1..50/100 , i thought i am in for a lecture but instead u all kept me going. those endless, encouragement and assurance really helped me... this christmas season, my 1st ever christmas season away from home, missing u all...*finger crossed for next summer*

lastly, the true meaning of christmas, Thank you for dying on the cross for this world.. help me see things in your rely on you, to know that you search the heart and not the outward appearence.. thank you for this semester, for everything u have given me.... help me grow more and have a life of have been really faithful..thank you Lord


anyway, i better get back to my statistic

DEAD WEEK in library:

my 19 years old tutor, eldrick SAW chia hong. Thanks for thermo bro

pictures by cortney tang.....

looking up the window, i see the Daddy taking care of us..

look at those eye bags...but it is worth it =)

Monday, November 30, 2009

I miss u

your favorite songs lingered in my mind

tears began to flow down endlessly

u r gone for 10 months now

time like this

i miss taking care of u

doing exercise with you

i will look forward to be united again with u

watch over us for the mean time

i love u

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The road not taken

Learn things the hard way
there are 2 types of people in this world
either u learn things the easy way,
or u learn it through the hard way..
the hard way normally compelled with tears, anger,bitterness, disappointments etc...
people dun normally love to choose the 2nd way..
neither am i,
due to stubbornness and stupidity,
same goes with me
i chose to the road not taken
i hurt the people i care the most
when the damage is done
only to look back n realize, i have done wrong
it maybe too late
this time around, i am ready to face the consequences
ready to take full responsibility of everything
even it means alot of hurt n pain
and hopefully
change to be a better in the future..
a real man doesnt run away, he faces it..
i am not gonna run away anymore, not gonna hide things from u anymore..

to those imposters out there,
get a life..
examine ur own life b4 judging others..
none the less, i dun hate u... time will reveal everything...